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Timothy Ryan and Angela Kirby

HUNTINGTON, NY – Timothy Ryan and Accountant on the Go are honored to announce that we will be the very first international sponsor for an extremely worthy U.K.-based charity, Listen-Hear!

Founded in July 2017 by Angela Kirby. Angela (Ange) has over 20 years experience working with young people, families, and young people’s services. Much of her career has been spent in educational and youth environments working with young people who display challenging behavior. She has spent many years building relationships with hard to reach families and young people.

Towards the end of 2016 Ange was beginning to notice that thresholds for services were getting higher and that input from services was very time limited and that unless a family was in crisis it was hard to obtain support for them early on. Many families Ange spoke to felt they did not know where to go for help and explained they often felt judged when approaching services. The big issue seemed to be that young people and families were saying they needed someone to talk to when things were not going so well, even if that was just for advice or reassurance. Families explained that even where referrals were accepted to other services there seemed to be a long wait for intervention by which time the issue had either resolved itself or gone from bad to worse. Ange dreamt of a service where there were no criteria thresholds for referral and that young people and families could have a reassuring conversation almost straight away. A service that could act as a conduit between other statutory services, offering support for young people and parents in meetings, helping to decipher some of the confusing information that is given or requested. Most importantly a service that was for everyone and that could, in turn, be run by the people it had served.

In March 2017 Ange chose to leave her Job as Lead Practitioner; Attendance, Behaviour & Safeguarding at Uckfield Community College to set up Listen-Hear!. She got the backing of her trustees and registered as a Charity in July 2017.

Since starting the charity Listen-Hear! now works in a number of schools providing one to one support for young people in need as well as some of their families. Listen-Hear! is also working with a number of parents and young people across the district and are working in partnership with other statutory agencies.

Due to the demand on the project Ange and the trustees are now looking for funding to ensure the project is manned full-time.

According to Angela Kirby, the money generated through Accountant on the Go will be put towards supporting school-age children who may not otherwise have access to the appropriate level of support.

For more information on Listen-Hear! or how you can get involved with this incredible organization, visit their website or Facebook page.

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